The best brake in the world ...

... is the goal of our ambitious mission - MISSION PERFORMANCE. Magura is intending to find out what a hydraulic disc brake can really do on a mountain bike – and then turn our findings into reality. This sounds easier than it actually is. We have been producing state of the art hydraulic products for an increasingly demanding mountain biking market for many years. MAGURA  has repeatedly impressed with brakes like the Gustav M with its until today untouchable braking performance, the legendary Louise FR and the super lightweight Marta SL Magnesium showing impressively that the better is enemy of good.

The presuppositions for this project look promising:

  • our restless inventor spirit  has repeatedly managed to bring real innovations to the market.
  • We have a rock solid development discipline where we never give up before the product is absolutely perfect.
  • We look back on 25 years of experience in building hydraulic bicycle brakes.  
  • Our high quality fabrication "made in Germany".
  • The unbroken passion of our team for everything about bikes
  • Above all we always have an open ear and keep in close contact with the cycling-scene. What is really needed? What does offer top-notch long-term function and what is just marketing blabla?

Sure, also other manufacturers produce good disc brakes. The competition is even challenging us for the technological crown and you can certainly imagine that we'll try our utmost to keep the leader position.

With MISSION PERFORMANCE on the agenda the fighting spirit has been reignited at MAGURA. After countless discussions with top riders, product managers and other representatives from the bike world, we have realised that the final word with regards to brakes and their performance has not been spoken yet. There are good products out there, but there is still a lot of potential for improvement.

MISSION PERFORMANCE has a clear goal:
We are going to make the world's best disc brake for bikes – the mission has started!!